Snt of Pharaohs | ACT1: The First War

Our story started in the city of (Heliopolis), the stronghold of the worship of the sun god “Ra”, at first the universe was empty and it has been created from the power of “Nun” or “emptiness” as some translate it, “Nun” was a mass that has not yet formed and within it, the seeds of the latent life, born from “Nun” the sun “Ra” in a magical transformation, From the power of both “nun” and “Ra” our universe as we know were created, “ Isis” and “Osiris” was created from the power of “Ra” while “Seth” and “ Anubis” were created from the power of “ Nun”

“Nun” and his sons if we can call them sons, become eviler, more avid for power, people domination, people agony and torment. While in the other hand “Ra” sons “Isis” and “Osiris” became the symbol of goodness, prosperity, and flourishment.

People of (Heliopolis), Chose “Ra” to be the ruler of the country, “Isis” and “Osiris” chose to be manlike and to live among humans, while the evil power of “Nun” and his followers was hiding at the borders of the living world, forming huge negative energy that threatens to invade the world and to revenge from “Ra” and his sons for teaching the people farming, architecture, and white magic.

Evil power became stronger and stronger, with a huge grudge inside their corrupted hearts, “Seth” decided to end “Osiris” life but how can he do it while the people of Heliopolis surround him always. “Seth” deceives his brother and gives him a precious gift as a gesture of good well and as a beginning of truth, a cloak of very precious cloth that admires the God-King. Then he invites him to a Feast, so “Isis” appears to be unsure about this invitation, but Osiris does not pay attention to the feelings of his loyal wife, who dances in front of her scheming ghosts without clear evidence without clear evidence

“Seth” presented a coffin that he had prepared in advance and presented it to the crowd who admired him and said that he would gift this box - exquisitely made, decorated with inscriptions and covered with gold - to the person whose body matched the box with the specifications of his body. He will have to give his brother the king a try so that he might win this beautiful box. After the king initially rejected the idea, he complied with his brother’s desire and rose from his seat, and walked in steady steps to the coffin without noticing the sparks that come out of his brother’s eyes. As soon as Osiris sat in the coffin before the audience showed their astonishment at the extreme match. Set took the lid, closed it over his brother's body, closed the padlocks, and poured liquid lead on him for the provisions of the padlocks.

Once “Seth” closed the padlocks of the coffin, He screamed my era has become, which is the secret word he agreed earlier with his follower “ Anubis” to start  the second part of his plan which is to Slay, Capture and chase all minions, supporters or even anyone who shows sympathy to “Osiris”    

During the chaos, “Isis” and her Son “Horus” managed to escape with the help of “Thoth” and hid from “Seth” and “Anubis” followers in the great city of “Thebes” where “Thoth” taught “Horus” The art of War and Magic to get revenge for his father.   War has started Gods split sides, Some choose to fight by “ Horus” side the others choose, grade, domination and power and Joined “Anubis” Side, War finally ended with what a cost, Heavy casualties in both sides, widows, orphans, and death everywhere and Finally Goodness win and “Horus” managed to get his revenge from “Seth” and “Anubis”